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About the Maps

The maps presented on this website were produced by an expert technical mapping team. Research was undertaken to produce the maps and included a literature review analysing agro-ecological zones, climatic conditions, soils, and other production variables. National data resources were used as sources to further analyse these variables and refine the data. These variables were then applied to a decision rule model in ESRI ArcGIS (a mapping and spatial analysis platform) to generate the maps for potential growing region. Regions were mapped according to Local Government Areas (LGAs) and so production may occur across the whole LGA or within only a part of the LGA. 

While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information contained in the maps is up to date and accurate, no guarantee is given that the information portrayed is free from error or omission. The maps generated are limited by the scale and accuracy of the known production information and available data. These maps are provided for information purposes only and should not be used to support any decision making.