Diversification in action

Diversifying your farming enterprise can be an effective form of risk management. Aside from the potential financial rewards, growing a new plant, rearing a new animal or starting an integrated business can bring with it a sense of renewal and achievement. 

It also has the potential to make the most of your current on-farm infrastructure and natural resources or utilise previously un-used parts of your farm. Diversifying also has the potential to provide local employment opportunities and can broaden individual skills and knowledge.

Farmers share their diversification experiences - read their stories

We asked a few Australian farmers who have successfully diversified their farming enterprise to share their experiences. Here are their stories.


Brian AhmedFARMER: Brian Ahmed, Managing Director LT’s Eggs, Wyndham Cache, Pakogen 


- wholesale and retail egg production and sales 
- gourmet food outlet, restaurant and cafe 
- packing supply business

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Paul and Joan TrevethenFARMERS: Paul and Joan Trevethen, Company Directors, Howlong NSW


- sheep
- cropping
- fish
- olives
- farm forestry 
- ecosystem services

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Richard Davis

FARMER: Richard Davis, Managing Director GR Davis Pty Ltd, Queanbeyan, NSW; Mt Mulga Pastoral Co, West Wyalong, NSW


- eucalyptus and tea tree oil production and processing
- processing, packaging and distribution of essential oils
- winter cereal cropping
- Merino sheep

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Tony HamiltonFARMER: Tony Hamilton, Managing Director Merriment Rural Investments Pty Ltd, Forbes, NSW


- mixed irrigated grazing 
- mixed irrigated cropping 
- small jojoba plantation

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Bernard and Margaret BrainFARMERS: Bernard and Margaret Brain, Company Directors Rotherwood, Ouse, Tasmania


- fine wool
- prime lamb 
- Angus stud and beef herd
- hay
- cereals
- essential oils
- poppies
- vegetable seed crops
- pasture and pasture seed
- vineyard

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